PEI Launches WikiPEI

Illustrating its commitment to education and promotion of the petroleum and liquid handling equipment industry, the Petroleum Equipment Institute has launched WikiPEI, an interactive Web site, written collaboratively by its readers and designed to be the most comprehensive online database of words and terms used in the industry.
WikiPEI is an open content industry encyclopedia designed to accept online editorial submissions and suggestions from the entirety of the petroleum equipment community. The Web site, will be moderated and edited by a panel of industry experts and PEI staff.
WikiPEI includes information on virtually all aspects of the petroleum and liquid handling equipment industry, from emerging trends to historical equipment and practices. The website’s content is designed to be edited and improved by visitors to the site. WikiPEI, available free of charge, places the entirety of the industry information in a central and easily accessible location.
“With the current popularity of the online PEI Forums, we felt this was the right time to develop a tool like WikiPEI,” said Robert N. Renkes, executive vice president of PEI. “We believe it will be useful in several capacities, most importantly in employee education. WikiPEI will serve as a very powerful tool to inform and educate not only our industry, but anyone wishing to learn more about petroleum equipment, the history of our industry or our bright future.”
“We are very excited about the launch of WikiPEI, and we feel the sharing of information and ideas contained within this website could revolutionize communications within our industry,” Renkes continued. “With an unprecedented level of sharing and debating of issues and ideas, we feel Wiki could become one of the more valuable resources that PEI offers our industry.”
Individuals wishing to submit product information to WikiPEI are invited to visit WikiPEI at or email Petroleum equipment information and non-proprietary product specs, as well as high resolution photos, will also be accepted and will be used at the discretion of chief Wiki editor, Chris Bouldin.

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