PEI Seeks Comment on Fluid Distribution Document

The comment period is open for the Petroleum Equipment Institute’s draft of RP700, Recommended Practices for the Design and Maintenance of Fluid-Distribution Systems at Vehicle Maintenance Facilities.
The document was produced by the Petroleum Equipment Institute’s Vehicle Maintenance Fluids Equipment Committee and provides a basic reference that consolidates information concerning the design considerations and general guidelines for proper installation of safe, reliable, and functional centralized fluid-distribution systems for various types of vehicle-related fluids.
Comments are expected by March 18.
The recommended practices apply to stationary, centralized fluid-distribution systems for vehicle related fluids such as lubrication oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, grease, antifreeze, and windshield washer fluid. The equipment covered includes supply containers (tanks, drums, pails, etc.), piping and tubing, pumps, compressors, hoses, reels, nozzles and other equipment typically used to construct these systems.
A printed copy of the RP700 draft has been mailed to all PEI members in the U.S. and Canada, along with a comment form.
The new RP is expected to be released mid-year 2009. Once published, the new publication is expected to provide recommended practices to facility designers and installers that promote construction of systems that operate safely and reliably, promote trouble-free performance of fluid-distribution equipment, and provide ample flow rates at various flow volumes.
Founded in 1951, PEI is comprised of more than 1,500 companies engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of equipment used in petroleum marketing and related operations.

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