PEI Seeks Comment on Vapor Recovery Document

The comment period opens for review and revision of the Petroleum Equipment Institute’s RP300, Recommended Practices for Installation and Testing of Vapor Recovery Systems at Vehicle Fueling Sites.
The revised document will include a chapter on the decommissioning of Stage II Vapor Recovery systems as well as a checklist for Stage II decommissioning activity. The new RP, which supersedes and replaces the previous 2004 publication, is expected to be released in late 2009.
The document was produced by Tulsa-based Petroleum Equipment Institute’s Vapor Recovery Installation Committee and provides concise instructions for installation and testing of Stage I and Stage II vapor-recovery equipment. The document focuses on vapor-recovery systems located at vehicle fueling facilities.
The manual also contains chapters, drawings and photographs on all phases of proper vapor-recovery equipment installation and testing along with a chapter of relevant definitions. Included are chapters covering Stage I and Stage II vapor-recovery systems, Stage II vapor-recovery system components, aboveground and underground piping and fittings, pressure decay testing, dynamic backpressure testing, air-to-liquid volume ratio testing, electrical installation, testing and inspection, and documentation and training.
The international trade association is made up of distributors, manufacturers and installers of equipment used in petroleum-marketing and liquid-handling operations. Users of the equipment include service station and convenience-store owners, terminals, bulk plants and airport refueling operations.

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