PGA Affects South Tulsa Traffic

Although the 89th PGA Championship will start officially on Monday, August 6 at Southern Hills Country Club, activity in the area nearby, as well as traffic, has increased already this week.
To adapt to present conditions, the City has added three intersections to the ones previously identified for left-turn restrictions. These three intersections are:
* 66th Place and Lewis Avenue
* 67th Street and Lewis Avenue
* 73rd Street and Lewis Avenue
Because Lewis Avenue does not have a center left-turn lane, to avoid excessive traffic congestion, left turns will be prohibited at the above-mentioned locations through Sunday, August 12.

At peak traffic times during the PGA Championship, left turns will be prohibited at the following intersections:
* 61st Street and Harvard Avenue
* 61st Street and Lewis Avenue
* 69th Street and Lewis Avenue
* 71st Street and Lewis Avenue
* 81st Street and Lewis Avenue
* 81st Street and Riverside Parkway
* 91st Street and Delaware Avenue
* 96th Street and Riverside Parkway
* Riverside Parkway and Creek Turnpike

City Traffic personnel will be on site throughout the PGA event to monitor traffic and make adjustments when needed.

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