PGA Championship Already Sellout at Many Hotels

If you planned on bringing your in-laws in for a visit next summer, you might want to pick a week other than Aug. 5-12.
To golf fans, those dates might seem a bit familiar, as it should. That is the date that Tulsa’s Southern Hills Country Club will be hosting the 89th PGA Championship.
“So why can’t my mother-in-law come in and see her grandkids that week?” you ask. Well, simply put, because she is going to be bunking with you.
As of Oct. 25 at 4:50 p.m., six of the seven Tulsa-area hotels contacted by a crack team of research crazy interns were already filled to capacity. The lone hotel contacted with rooms remaining was charging enough that you could fly the wife (and plenty of pictures of the kids) to the mother-in-law, in Seattle.
According to hotel representatives, the Hilton Tulsa Southern Hills, Doubletree Hotel-Warren Place, Hilton Garden Inn on 100th East Ave., Hampton Inn near the Woodland Hills Mall, the Embassy Suites at I-44 and the Tulsa Renaissance Hotel have no room at the inn.
The hotel with rooms remaining, the Doubletree-Downtown, is asking $399 per night for single, non-smoking room and is only 10 short, traffic free miles away from Southern Hills.

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