Park With No Place to Sit

The Chapman Centennial Green Park, built to replace the Main Mall, lacks tables and benches, said attorney Kent Morlan in an e-mail sent Tuesday.
“Either the park is not complete or someone forgot the benches and tables,” Morlan said.
If the City expects downtown workers to use this park, it needs to install some place to set and some place to eat, Morlan said.
A call to City Hall Tuesday, asking if the city planned to add benches, was not returned. The park was dedicated Nov. 7.
“The Main Mall had both and this park has neither,” Morlan said.
Morlan has been a long-time critic of Downtown Tulsa Unlimited.
Earlier this year, Morlan created a group called La Junta, or “The Gathering.” The ad hoc group meets at 5:30 on Wednesdays at the Press Club.

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