Parking Keeping Santa Fe Cattle Company From Building

Except for a question regarding five parking spaces, Santa Fe Cattle Co. is ready to build in Bixby’s Centennial Plaza.
“Santa Fe Cattle Co. is a proposed restaurant facility to be constructed in Bixby Centennial Plaza at 121st and Memorial,” explained City Engineer Jared Cottle.
“The development will discharge into the existing storm water drainage system and detention pond constructed with the original development.”
Cottle had requested at the May 27, Bixby City Council meeting that an earth change permit be approved in order to ensure that the drainage plans conform to the original project intent.
Five parking spaces now stand in the way of the restaurant’s breaking ground. Those five spaces are to be placed over the sewer system.
The engineer representing Santa Fe Cattle Co. offered alternatives he felt would work. Public works director Bea Aamodt insisted that she did not want concrete laid over sewer pipes. She said her crews are small, and it’s very difficult for them to have to dig through concrete to make a repair.
The city customarily uses a “sleeve,” which is supposed to make repairing a pipe easier. When questioned, the council was told that there would be concrete dug up with either process.
The spokesperson for Santa Fe Cattle Co. said the owner would gladly sign a contract saying that if there were damage of the sewer, he would be responsible and pay for the repair.
City Attorney Phil Frazier said the problem is if something goes wrong 10 years down the road, memories become foggy as to such promises. They are difficult to enforce.
Several alternatives were suggested, none of them accepted by both Santa Fe Cattle Co. and the Bixby City Council.
One suggestion was that the problem might be solved by having parking places for compact cars. The council was told that Santa Fe needs at least 100 parking spaces.

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