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Tulsa Business Journal: Tell us a little bit about your business. When did/will you start it? Why? What is the overall mission of your business?
Part-Time Pros: Part-Time Pros was started in March of 2008 by Tulsa natives Carey Dunkin-Baker and her husband Brett Baker. In July of 2007, Brett and Carey became parents and wanted to be able to balance their work/family life.
PTP’s mission is to be a talent acquisition firm that specializes in recruiting professionals who are seeking part-time employment and placing them with companies who have part-time personnel needs. PTP employs professionals from the following demographics: Stay-at-home moms/dads, early retirees, highly skilled independent contractors, and college students seeking part-time employment.

TBJ: What is your background? What made you interested in starting this particular business?
PTP: Carey graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt University with a BS in English and Statistics in 1995. Previous to starting the company, she worked at Williams Companies, The Advisory Board Company (in Washington, D.C.) and Chapman Foundations Management.
Brett graduated from the University of Kansas with a BS in 1994. He is a Tulsa firefighter and manages Part-Time Pros operations when he is off-duty

TBJ: What triggered your idea for your business concept?
PTP: The interest in starting the business surfaced after starting a family. We saw an opportunity to enable individuals who wanted to continue to work on a part-time basis and also saw the economic benefits to companies who embraced flexible work arrangements or jobs that were solely part-time.

TBJ: How are you funding your business?
PTP: Start-up funding came from a local bank and our personal savings and assets.

TBJ: Have revenues been what you expected and/or hoped?
PTP: We launched the business at the cusp of a recession, so it is hard to benchmark how we would perform in a good market. The revenues beat our worst-case scenario, but we have some work to do to get to the best-case scenario goals. Marketing and advertising is expensive and with future funding our growth will be expedited.

TBJ: Where would you like to take your business in the next year?
PTP: We would like to expand our staff and hire one or two part-time account managers and another recruiter. We have two full-time and three part-time employees. In addition, we would like to expand our client base by 100 percent. We currently work with approximately 60 employers in Tulsa and would like to grow that to 120 by yearend.

TBJ: In the next five years?
TPT: Have 10 to 20 franchises in place nationwide.

TBJ: What do you hope to gain from participating in the Spirit Award?
PTP: I would love to win because the earnings could help us get to the next level faster and achieve some of our goals more rapidly.
However, I also see tremendous value in the coaching process. That in and of itself is worth $30,000 and then some. I hope to gain guidance on my business plan, vision and mission and franchising.

TBJ: How important has the Spirit Award been in encouraging you to try to start a business?
PTP: The Spirit Award is going to be extremely important to us in growing Part-Time Pros.

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