Paul Presents at Pipeline Conference

Chris A. Paul of Joyce & Paul, PLLC, gave a presentation on Managing Pipeline Integrity Programs in a Litigious Society at the 20th International Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference, February 2008, Houston, Texas.
This program was a follow up to Part I of this presentation made at last year’s conference.
The focus this year was on program design to minimize the likelihood of information being taken out of context by persons unfamiliar with the complexities of integrity programs, especially those program components dealing with use of internal inspection tools to check pipelines. Issues regarding contracting requirements were discussed in detail, as contract provisions need to provide specificity regarding not only tool performance but report requirements because of obligations to address issues found during inspections within prescriptive timeframes. The presentation also discussed the emerging security issues related to infrastructure projects and how integrity testing information can best be communicated to government agencies while providing the necessary level of security and confidentiality to reduce the threat to critical infrastructure.
Paul also made a presentation to the Tulsa Chapter of NACE during February 2008 entitled Legal Issues in Pipeline Integrity Programs. This program focused on a broad overview of legal issues that are encountered in integrity programs, especially issues related to corrosion control activities and recordkeeping related to same.

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