Paver Purchase Makes Great Gift, Donation

The Tulsa Airport Authority is working to raise funds for a public observation area at R.L. Jones Jr. Airport and is inviting the public to join their effort. The observation area, located at the south end of the airport and accessible from 91st Street, will be fully funded by private donations.
Currently, the observation area contains six parking spaces. When complete, the area will offer a park-like setting including a shelter, picnic tables, viewing platform, and educational diagrams for the public to have a place to relax and watch airplanes.
Fund raising efforts began in October 2009 with a golf tournament that raised more than $18,000 which will pay for the installation of concrete pads and picnic tables. The airport’s current fund raising campaign offers the public an opportunity to leave a permanent mark on the public area. Brick pavers are being sold that will be installed as part of the concrete work around the planned gazebo. The pavers are 3.5 x 7.5 inches and can accommodate three lines of text with up to 15 characters per line. The pavers will be an attractive addition to the observation area and give individuals an opportunity to support this investment in our community with a permanent marker.
Personalized pavers are available for $100 and include a certificate of purchase that can be delivered in time for holiday gatherings. Organizations or individuals interested in supporting this effort should contact Michelle Evans at 918-838-5007. Order forms are also available online at

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