Paycom Introduces Background Check

Internet payroll company Paycom has rolled out a background check service for employers to use on applicants and current employees. Paycom’s background database has access to more than 10 million previously completed searches and 300 million criminal records.
Paycom’s Director of Business Development Brad Richardson said the service can help meet the challenge employers face in hiring not only the right candidate for the job but to not hire the wrong candidate for the company.
“Today’s business environment has seen a rise in unethical business practices, workplace violence, and misleading resumes,” said Richardson. “A simple background check that is wholly integrated into our HR system can provide insight upfront,” he added.
Paycom’s background checks service includes instantaneous options for thorough screening including national criminal background check, social security validation search, the sex offender registry, and terrorist watch list. Optional instantaneous searches include MVR (motor vehicle registration) and credit history. An employer can also choose to do a county criminal search, employment verification, and education verification, with results in a few days.
“What makes Paycom unique is our integration of the system. Paycom will incorporate the findings into the employer’s existing single database and we never purge information,” explained Richardson. Because the information is saved, an alert will pop up if the same applicant applied in the future, which would instruct the employer on whether or not the applicant was hired and the results of the screening. The background checks work when the employer logs into their Paycom HR system and inputting the applicant information. Once the screening is complete, the employer can simply hit the “hire” button and the applicant is immediately added into the payroll service. “That’s the big wow factor,” Richardson said. “It’s a huge time saver for our clients.”
Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Paycom processes payroll for customers in all 50 states and has offices in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Denver, Dallas, Fort Worth, Atlanta, Chicago, Springfield and Raleigh. ?

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