Personal Touch Goes a Long Way in Recruiting Practices

With the cost of replacing employees at 40 to 100 percent of a person’s annual salary, it just makes good business sense that recruiters would go above and beyond to do a better job of pleasing the companies they represent and the people they are placing.
It is no longer prudent for companies or recruiters to just fill the open positions and call it a day.
The acquisition and the forthcoming retention of those employees should become the goal. It is not about just adding to the numbers and sending resumes to the hiring managers; it is about finding the candidates who are a good cultural fit and are functionally sound. It is about connecting people to the path they want to be on in their career.
Interviewing just for functional expertise does not take into consideration how the candidate will fit into an organization. It is important to make the process forward-thinking for both the company and the candidates. Behavioral-based interviewing allows companies to understand the candidate’s personality and fit within its walls. A great question to ask is: “Give me an example of a time when…” A good question that helps you understand a candidate’s past experience and a predictor of his or her cultural fit in your organization is “Tell me about the company’s culture that you are currently working with.”
Selection and successful retention are enhanced when ongoing conversations occur. Employee orientations are critical at the beginning stages of employment. Surveys and follow up conversations to get feedback on their satisfaction and what suggestions they have for their departments keeps employees involved in the company long term.
Boomerang employees and alumni recruiting is a wave that will be a tremendous source of candidates because of a company’s previous experience with the employee. The experience factor makes a decision to rehire a desirable situation. Beware thinking that the past employee has changed, however, as most people are creatures of habit and will continue the same work patterns and behaviors as they have demonstrated in the past.
Doing your homework is the key to making good placements. It begins with a thorough understanding of the key people that the person would interface with on a regular basis. The cultural fit will eliminate candidates that waste a company’s time and efforts. Good recruiters don’t waste a client or candidate’s time just for the sake filling positions.
Understanding the candidate before and after the position is filled is the key to retention.
If the recruiter is not committed to getting it right the first time, confidence in his or her ability will disappear.
For forward-thinking companies, this kind of personal touch will become the standard for dealing with professional recruiters. Customer service creates successful business relationships. Companies and candidates are concerned with the fact that you the recruiter care about their success and that we do right by them all the time.
All the time.

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