Phoenix Transportation Launches in McAlester

Construction transportation company, Phoenix Transportation, launches in McAlester.
Phoenix Transportation provides vacuum truck services necessary for construction, drilling, completion and production of natural gas wells in the Woodford Shale formation.
The company is co-owned by Brandon Quarles, Greg McClellan and Jackie Croxton, who bring almost 70 years of combined experience to the industry.
The vision of the company started on July 22, 2008 with the idea to better serve exploration and production companies operating in the Woodford Shale natural gas field. McAlester is in the heart of the Woodford Shale formation, making it a natural choice for the base of operations. Upon launch, the company is allied with major oil and gas companies XTO Energy Inc., Petrohawk and QuestStar and working to increase their client list.
A top priority for Phoenix Transportation is to better the local community by providing jobs to McAlester residents and forming partnerships with established local companies by using their services. Another primary goal is to bring increased revenue into the community and help give back to the public when ever possible. Phoenix Transportation intends to work with the chamber of commerce and local organizations to donate both time and money into the McAlester community.
As their first act of charitable giving, Phoenix Transportation recently made a donation to the local Sheriff’s department by providing two new sets of uniforms for officers. In response to the donation, Sheriff Joel Kerns says “We have recently added top-notch officers to our force and feel it is imperative to provide them with the best equipment possible to do their jobs, this includes new uniforms. We are very thankful for the donation received from Phoenix Transportation.”
Priding itself on superior customer service, Phoenix Transportation aspires to achieve continuous growth. Upon launch, the company will employ 20 local residents and plans to employ 40 to 50 people from the McAlester community within the first year.
Future growth plans include additional trucking services for the Woodford Shale formation by providing frac tanks, winch trucks, gin pole trucks, and pipe yard storage. Expansion to the Haynesville Shale formation is already underway. Phoenix Transportation secured 12 acres in Minden, La., and anticipates operations to start as early as mid-2009. Expansion to the Marcellus Shale natural gas field is slated for late 2009.

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