Photography Technology Program Extends Enrollment

Beginning next fall, Tulsa Technology Center students will be able to earn credits toward a college degree in photography at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology due to a new Cooperative Alliance Agreement between the two educational institutions.
OSUIT photography instructor Kelly Kerr visited the Lemley Campus of Tulsa Technology Center on Nov. 19 for the formal signing of the agreement between the two programs.
In the agreement, Tulsa Technology Center students would complete the two-year program during high school, earning college credit for the first two semesters of the OSUIT photography program. Those students would then begin their OSUIT classes in the fall semester as a third-semester college student. The agreement encompasses seven courses and a total of 21 credit hours.
Clay Allen, who started OSUIT’s photography program in 1988 and is now the supervisor of Tulsa Technology Center’s photography program, says he can see the impact the program can have on both programs.
“With the upgrading and intensifying of the program at TTC, students leave here ready to enter the OSUIT college program at the third-semester level. This agreement gives students who are seriously interested in becoming professional photographers accelerated educational advantages, as well as great financial advantages.”
Kerr adds that by the time a student completes the TTC program, he or she is already dedicated to becoming a professional photographer, and OSUIT would naturally be the next progression in their education.
“This agreement not only gives these students an educational benefit but also sends the message that we want them to be a part of our program at OSUIT. I believe the agreement will allow the OSUIT Photography Technology program to grow in quality as well as quantity of students.”

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