Physical Fitness Training to Smart Phones

An Oklahoma City-based company develops technology that takes physical fitness training out of the gym and puts it on a computer or smart phone.
Fitness Fulfillment creates the MobileTrainer that develops a personalized, evolving exercise routine that provides results for users whether they have access to fitness equipment or not. MobileTrainer offers a database of more than 1,100 exercises and 40,000 different workout scenarios for all skill and fitness levels.
“You select your skill level, days that you want to work out and the type of equipment that you have access to,” said Jeff Johnson, founder and CEO of Fitness Fulfillment. “Once you submit the data, the database uses the input to create a workout according to your preference and equipment.”
The personalized workout and recommended exercises are then made available on the screen of a phone or computer by Fitness Fulfillment account holders. The exercise database at www.fitnessfulfillment is free to users, who have the option to purchase a $29.95 membership for advanced services.
Fitness Fulfillment has its roots in a business plan that Johnson wrote for the 2006 Donald W. Reynolds Oklahoma Governor’s Cup collegiate business plan competition while he was a student at Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City. Encouraged by an OSU-OKC adviser, Johnson wrote and presented the business plan as the sole team member.
“If it wasn’t for Joe Wilkie at OSU or the Governor’s Cup, I wouldn’t have come up with this concept and gone down this path,” Johnson said. “Every class I took at OSU-OKC, I was able to apply the skills learned to real life and am making my dreams become reality.”
Originally conceived as a software product downloaded onto the iPods of users, the company’s business model evolved to capitalize on the growing market for smart phone applications.
Working with Jim Rogers, Enterprise Director at i2E, Inc., the not-for-profit corporation that mentors many of the state’s tech-based start-up companies, Johnson conceived and developed the MobileTrainer. He put together a development team that includes R.B. Bruce, chief technology officer, and Austin Spires, Media Director.
“The biggest challenge has been the funding and finding the right people to work with,” Johnson said. “Now I have a team. We just feel so confident that this will help people get in shape and lose weight that we want to get it out there so people can start benefitting from the use of MobileTrainer.”

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