Port Shipping Exceeds 2 Million Tons

Despite fast moving, high water earlier in the year shipments through the Tulsa Port of Catoosa surpassed the 2 million ton mark.
Steve Kissee, chairman of the City of Tulsa-Rogers County Port Authority, said 2007 was a “good year, given the circumstances” when transportation along the Arkansas Waterway was brought to a near halt in the May through July period by heavy rains.
“We feel 2008 could be a record year if tonnage stays closed to trends we were seeing prior to the heavy rains,” Kissee said.
Only once in the past 11 years have shippers moved less than two million tons through the port. That was in 2005 when the traffic dropped to 1.82 million tons.
That amount of cargo going over the port wharves was exceeded three times before 1997 — 1980, 1991 and 1992.
The total for 2007 was 2,010,505 tons on 1,190 barges compared with 2.321,448 tons and 1,400 barges a year earlier.
A record 2,417,537 tons moved through the port in 1998.
December traffic at the port came to 213,716 tons on 16 barges compared with 178,842 tons and 109 barges in November and 197,059 tons on 120 barges in the final month of the previous year.
Outbound cargo totaled 149,405 tons on 84 barges with inbound traffic coming to 64,311 tons on 42 barges.
The 2007 traffic brought the total cargo moving over wharves at the port since it opened on Jan. 21, 1971 to 59,860,901 tons on 37,090 barges.
Traffic at the Tulsa port represented 16 percent of the more than 12.4 million tons of cargo carried along the entire two-state 445-mile Arkansas Waterway and 49 percent of the 4.13 million tons moved along the Oklahoma portion.

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