Powerhouse Converted to Youth Center

The name will stay the same, but that will be all. Instead of building muscles, the new residents of the former Powerhouse Gym will build faith.
First Presbyterian Church purchased the former downtown Powerhouse Gym building, 223 E. Eighth St., a little less than a year ago, and is now converting the 14,000-SF facility into the Powerhouse Youth Center.
“The kids are all really excited, as are we,” said Director of Operations Steve Caldwell.
The congregation is pouring $350,000 into renovating the building, on top of the $2.3 million purchase of the property, money raised through a recent capital campaign.
“We had just kicked off a campaign to raise money for renovations inside the existing church, and it was easy to just tack this project on in addition,” Caldwell said.
The remainder of the capital campaign, which aims to raise $28-30 million, will go toward renovations of the church’s existing buildings and the addition of an education and multi-purpose worship facility.
The former gym will be separated into four main spaces, one for middle school-aged children, another for high schoolers, a game room and a multipurpose meeting room.
“We are currently under a 90-day contract to have the work completed, so we hope to be in by mid-July,” Caldwell said.
The space was designed by Cyntergy AEC. Keith Construction Co. is handling the renovations.

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