Public Input on The Channels Requested

Via a letter to Tulsa County Commissioners, Tulsa Stakeholders Inc. requested a formal structure for public input on The Channels river development plan. The commissioners are expected to in turn request that INCOG guide this review process through a series of public hearings. Those could begin as early as this week.
“We said during our announcement of The Channels that we wanted an open dialogue with the community,” said John-Kelly Warren, one of the Tulsa Stakeholders. “the feedback we have received to date is that our communities and elected officials want a formal process for input, so that’s what we’ll do.”
The request is expected to result in a Plan Review that provides the various boards, commissions and elected officials with the information necessary to make informed decisions about the River. The review process will also include citizen’s input.
The Channels is a $788 million dollar project designed to create a 12 mile lake and a public gathering place on the Arkansas River.

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