Quantum Energy, Inc. Enters Into Oklahoma Lease Acquisition

Quantum Energy, Inc. has announced that it has signed a letter of intent with an Oklahoma Private Oil and Natural Gas Consortium.

Quantum Energy has taken particular interest in three separate producing and exploratory leases. The East Mooreland, West Mooreland and the Farley lease are all located in Nowata County. The company believes that as these leases are further developed and completed they will bring significant fundamental value to Quantum Energy and its shareholders.

Quantum Energy is also in further negotiations with several other oil and natural gas producing and exploratory lease companies located in the Pot, Seminole, Garvin, Wagner and Hughes Counties.

Ted Kozub, President of Quantum Energy, Inc. states that, “These lease ventures present an excellent opportunity for the company to expand its oil and gas horizons into the Oklahoma oil and gas play and we will release further details when they become available”.

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