QuikTrip to Build in BA

QuikTrip’s latest venture in Broken Arrow will soon fill a vacant lot on the northeast corner of Olive Avenue and Kenosha Street.
Applicants appeared before the city’s planning commission Thursday to come to an agreement on curb cuts for access to the large development, which will set on 2.37 acres.
Commissioners granted a minor amendment to allow curb cuts on both Kenosha Street and Olive Avenue. A third access to the business was already approved for Lansing Street on the property’s north side.
The design statement for the 14.05-acre planned unit development on which the QuikTrip property is located stipulated access to Olive Avenue would be only via Lansing Street and access to Kenosha Street would be limited to two points only.
Copeland’s restaurant to the east of the property already has two points of access to Kenosha Street.
Another store in Broken Arrow is already under construction at Elm Avenue and Kenosha Street.

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