Regents Approve RSU Expansion

Rogers State University is expanding its Claremore campus.
The University of Oklahoma Board of Regents, the governing board for RSU, approved a funding plan to complete the $9 million expansion and renovation of the 56-year-old Baird Hall.
The facility was built in 1953 as a 24,000-SF classroom building for the Oklahoma Military Academy, a predecessor institution of RSU.
The newly expanded and renovated facility will feature 52,000 SF, including an entry hall, commons area, eight additional classrooms of various sizes, four seminar rooms, a research classroom, several learning laboratories and faculty offices.
Special features of the new building will include a lecture hall with a stage and elevated seating on the west side of the building and an outdoor classroom designed in an amphitheater style on the east side. In addition, the building will include a 2,100-SF art gallery, a special classroom and lounge for the university’s honors program, several renovated art studios and an archival room.
The Board of Regents also approved RSU’s Campus Master Plan, a list of capital projects at a total cost of $91.7 million. The long-term master plan for RSU includes current initiatives such as the Baird Hall expansion and renovation project; near-term projects, such as planned additional student housing on the Claremore campus in the amount of approximately $16 million; and projects presently unfunded that will serve the university’s long-range needs. Those projects include continued improvements to the Bartlesville and Pryor campuses, a new child development center on the Claremore campus and security and infrastructure improvements on all three campuses.
The plan also includes as-yet unfunded, long-range projects, such as the renovation of the Will Rogers Auditorium, estimated at $6 million; a new $6 million classroom and laboratory building to accommodate rapidly growing enrollment on the Claremore campus; and future multipurpose and sports facilities in Claremore, with an approximate cost of $18 million.

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