Remy Harnesses Third Dimension

David Keesee, president and CEO of 3Dream Studios delivers the message that things are better in 3D.
It is catching.
Recently, Keesee has found converts in the world of real estate development, the most prominent of which is the Remy Cos., which in the past year has launched several animated Web sites with the company.
Keesee said his company’s relationship with the Remy Cos. began when 3Dream moved into its office, 7707 E. 111th St., Ste. 101, in the Suites of Ravenwood.
“Our office is a Remy property,” he said. “When we moved in, we told them what we do and discussed what we thought we could do to help them.”
In the real estate business, it’s all about accessibility, and the Shoppes at Regal Plaza, southeast of 101st Street and Memorial Drive, is a case-in-point. With 30,000-SF of retail space and an equal amount of office space on two stories, a 102-room Hampton Inn and Suites and the 4,500-seat SpiritBank Event Center on site, the Bixby shopping center has potential to be intimidating.
The 3D interactive map at goes a long way to remedy that.
“We don’t want to just show them a map, but really take them there,” Keesee said. “Now when they show up, they already have a feel for where they’re going.”
For those with more traditional tastes, there is also a printable PDF version of the map available.
Sam Remy, VP of operations for the SpiritBank Event Center, said response to the Web site has been extremely positive.
“We have been very pleased with the response, not only from the store owners, who are all really pleased with how easy and professional-looking the whole thing is, but also from how many customers we have heard talking about it,” he said.
So impressed, in fact, that the Remy Cos. contracted 3Dream to build a site that showcases all of its properties, which launched Aug. 1.
“For us, this is a great way for people to get a feel for our developments without having to drive out there,” Remy said. “We are absolutely going to consider this for any new projects we have coming down the pipe.” ?′

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