Renewed Interest Shown in Alliance Business Park

American Heritage Bank, the latest business and break ground in the area, appears to be sparking renewed interest in the Alliance Business Park.
“It seems likes every time you stir the dirt in a development project in Sand Springs, it brings out prospects,” Rex Goad of Montie Box Realty told the Sand Springs Leader.
The other business to be at the site is engineering firm Breisch and Associates, officing building at the west end of the property.
Breisch has not completely occupied the facility and will be moving to the new site this month, according to Goad.
“We’re talking to several people and interest has picked up in the area, but no signed contracts yet,” he said.
The business park is on the west side of Adams Road, where Adams Road joins Charles Page Blvd.
The site, formerly owned by Commander Mills, has approximately eight to nine acres remaining, which could be split into seven to nine lots.
The property is zoned commercial-retail.
“Once we get people in place, it’s going to make everything boom around the corner,” Goad said, referring to the shopping center anchored by Atwood’s and the area to the south and west along Morrow Road.
Goad believes development of the Keystone Corridor project along Morrow Road and Alliance Business Park will compliment each other.
“It will be like a domino effect,” he said.

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