Repair, Sweeping Begins as Ice and Show Melt From Streets

Tulsa street maintenance crews began repairing potholes on arterial streets Monday and citizens are encouraged to report potholes to the City for faster repair.
Citizens have three options for reporting potholes or other unsafe conditions on city streets, both arterial and residential.
First, they can call the Mayor’s Action Center at 596-2100.
Second, they can report via e-mail at:
Third, they can report on-line by going to:
Pothole damage is widespread in the wake of the ice storm that hit Tulsa 10 days ago. Managers are patrolling streets to search for damage and repair crews are expected to work 10-hour days and concentrate on arterial streets for the next seven to ten days. Then they will move onto secondary routes and residential streets.
Motorists and residents are strongly encouraged to report any pothole that is large or deep enough to cause vehicle damage or present a traffic safety hazard. Supervisors will examine and dispatch crews to repair those hazardous spots as quickly as possible.
Potholes or other pavement damage on expressways and on/off ramps should be reported to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s Tulsa Office at 838-9933.
Street sweeping contractors will be working citywide to remove sand from arterial streets. Those arterials with curbs and medians are the highest priority.
Motorists are also encouraged to report any intersections or other spots, both on arterials and in residential areas, where loose sand may cause vehicles to slide while stopping.
Trash haulers returned to normal operating mode Monday. The City had four crews working Monday, servicing customers who weren’t accessible last Wednesday through Friday. Customers are asked to leave their trash containers at the curb if their collection was missed last week.

The haulers working for T.R.I., which contracts with the City to collect refuse in most of Tulsa were running regular routes today and reported that they caught up Saturday with customers missed earlier.
Water-line repair crews have had 45 breaks, in lines as large as 16 inches, in the past five days. The volume of breaks is high but not as high as sometimes occurs following extremely cold weather.

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