Rock Solid, Greased Lightning, the Audi S4

When the privilege to close the door of an Audi S4 presents itself, push the door shut – and listen.
The sound will be unlike any you have heard before. It approximates a deep, throaty, robot voice saying, “SHUT.” It is so solid, deep, sure and final you can feel it, the most unique door sound we have yet encountered.
It has auditory weight, thickness and mass. It is concise, quick, complete and singular in a less than one second symphony of a door, shut. Unmistakably, an Audi, it speaks volumes of the highest fabrication quality of this car.
The S4 is undeniably a sports car disguised as a sedan. The concise body design is clearly Audi elegance in its character, but acquiesces to the trendy droop-nosed Chrysler-originated grille shape being ‘borrowed’ by every other car maker from the Black Forrest to Detroit to Osaka. That design debt invites our indulgence in what Frank Lloyd Wright called, “… the odious comparison that proves nothing …” but, we add, a lack of courage of VW-Audi to assert more original design.
The foregoing is, however, the only criticism we could justify. The car is so superior to virtually all else, almost any critical comment seems to be a misrepresentation.
The S4’s 4.2 liter, 340-horse, aluminum V8, driving all four wheels, all the time, through Audi’s Quattro power delivery system, gives a Ferrari-eating level of performance. The car powers through turns and slaloms like an Olympic ski champion, but faster.
As impressive as its amazing speed, precise handling and incredible brakes, the most soul-stirring feeling from the driver’s seat is the totally solid, tight fit of flawless fabrication. The car feels as if it were chiseled from a solid block of steel; better than some cars listing for twice the S4’s $57,060 sticker.
The S4 interior is appropriately elegant for the exterior, with tasteful, anatomically contoured, eight-way adjustable seating. Extended hours of operation were exceptionally comfortable with correct support for minimal fatigue to complement the driving pleasure the car offers.
The Audi S4 is a driving enthusiast’s car in the truest sense of the word – and deed, with blazing performance to spare. The S4, in every way, is a most unique experience, drivewise!

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