Rogers County Schools Grow, Tulsa Public Shrinks

Housing starts statistics from the Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa for the years 2004 to 2006 point to residential growth in both Rogers and Tulsa counties.
Public school enrollment numbers from the Oklahoma State Department of Education for the years 2003 to 2005 show that enrollment is increasing in most Rogers County schools, but enrollment in Tulsa Public Schools is decreasing.
The city of Tulsa reports a 34.22 percent increase in housing starts, and Tulsa county shows an increase of 10.27 percent. Enrollment in Tulsa public schools decreased from 2003 to 2005 by 1.7 percent, though schools in Owasso, Bixby and Broken Arrow report increasing enrollment over 4 percent.
The growth in Tulsa metropolitan area schools is definitely not happening in Tulsa public schools themselves, according to State Department of Education officials.
Four of the nine schools in Rogers County reported increased enrollment over 7 percent, and housing starts are increasing at a rate of 30.28 percent. Enrollment is on the rise in Rogers County at an average of 5.16 percent.
Justus-Tiawah schools reported the highest increase in enrollment in not only Rogers County, but in the Tulsa metropolitan statistical area at 22 percent.
High test scores attract new residents in the Justus-Tiawah school district, said school officials. One family was lured from out of state by the school’s reputation, they said. %9
Enrollment in Coweta schools is increasing at the most rapid rate – 11.6 percent – of the communities for which housing starts statistics were available.
The change in the number of housing starts between the years 2004 and 2005 is negative in Coweta, however.
Jeff Holmes, assistant superintendent of Coweta schools, said his statistics show enrollment at the school is up, but only by 4 percent.
The housing start statistic for Coweta, which decreased between 2004 and 2005 by 1.47 percent, surprised Holmes.
“A lot of people are moving to Coweta,” Holmes said. “Though housing starts statistics may be negative from one year to the next, there have still been 362 homes built in Coweta since 2004.”
Holmes touted the quality of education at Coweta schools, saying “parents like that they can send their kids to a small school and not give up anything in the way of quality of education.” ?

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