Salazar comments ripped

Rep. Dan Boren, D-Okla., excoriated Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s plans to overhaul the onshore leasing operations at the Bureau of Land Management.
In a letter to the secretary, a former U.S. senator from Colorado, Boren called the move a “job killer.” Boren said he was offended by Salazar’s “kings of the world” rhetoric that was used to describe natural gas and oil producers.
Oklahoma House Speaker Chris Benge also criticized the Obama Administration following announced federal energy policy changes that could cost American jobs and energy independence.
“We need to be doing everything we can to increase our domestic energy production, not limit it,” said Benge, R-Tulsa.
Benge praised Oklahoma’s federal delegation for standing up against the increased regulations on oil and gas drilling on federal lands. Boren, of Muskogee, said the ruling is the latest example of a pattern of hostility from the administration toward the oil and gas industry.
Boren said he found it “impossible to stand by silently while these job-killing proposals further hinder our efforts toward energy independence and have devastating effects on families and small businesses across the nation.”
“I couldn’t agree more,” Benge said. “The Obama Administration is at best na?ve to the benefits of development of domestic energy sources. Or, at worst, despite an ongoing national recession and record unemployment, he doesn’t care, instead wanting to pay lip service to environmentalists. We cannot let the ‘save the planet’ crowd and their environmental doctrine continue to dictate the energy policies of our country. We can be good stewards of the earth without pandering to this environmental theology.”
Boren noted that federal energy lease revenues have plummeted this year, thanks to the administration’s anti-energy policy. He also blasted Salazar for his disparaging remarks about energy companies that provide many well-paying jobs in Oklahoma, who Salazar said had been “kings of the world” under the Bush Administration.

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