Sand Springs Apartment Plan Denied

The Sand Springs Planning Commission has voted unanimously to deny a zoning request for an apartment complex in south Sand Springs near 51st Street.
The 17-acre site is located west of the northwest corner of 51st Street and Oklahoma 97.
The request asked to change the existing zoning from Residential Single-Family High Density District (RS-3) to a zoning use that would allow apartments.
The property owner, the Dennis Hall Co., also requested zoning changes on two other pieces of property in the area.
Robert Nichols, attorney for the applicant, said steep terrain, a flood plain to the east and utility easements would not allow the site to be developed to its maximum density.
Commission Chairman Charles Howard and member Barry Hacker both pointed out that terrain limits could be overcome and the property developed to its maximum intensity although planning staff member Rachel Clyne noted that RM-1 zoning for the property could mean a maximum of 170 apartment units.
Howard also asked Nichols why Hall was “jumping to apartments” rather than considering duplexes.
Originally, the applicant had asked for Residential Multi-Family Medium Density District (RM-2).

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