Sand Springs to Buy Early Childhood Center

The Sand Springs City Council has approved a resolution that spells out the city’s intent to buy the Early Childhood Center, clearing the way for redevelopment in the Keystone Corridor area.
Councilors unanimously approved the resolution, characterized as a memorandum of understanding by School Superintendent Lloyd Snow.
The resolution notes that the city will pay the Sand Springs School District $3.5 million for the building on the corner of Morrow Road and Highway 97. The final purchase date is not known.
City Attorney David Weatherford said the city did not know when it would be able to finance the transaction. City leaders hope to use funds raised by the sale of Keystone corridor land to buy the Early Childhood Center site.%9
Sand Springs was allocated $14.5 million of Tulsa County’s Vision 2025 money. City leaders used the money provided by the countywide tax to buy and clear out structures on the 25-acre tract of land. The site is between Main Street and Highway 97 and the Sand Springs Expressway and Morrow Road.
The buyouts and relocation of most of the residents has since been completed. Only a few buildings, including the Early Childhood Center, remain.
The city hopes to lure retailers to the area, redeveloping the site into a major shopping, dining and entertainment complex.

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