Season of Giving: High-End Luxury Items to Give and Receive

Sleek and attractive on the outside, with high-quality engineering on the inside, the Cubo radio is easily appreciated by both her and him.
Contained in a cute, compact square, dressed in various wood veneers and gloss finishes, the Cubo features a CD player, FM radio, MP3 function, dual alarm clock, clock battery backup and amber LCD display. It also comes with an iPod cradle. Its technology is engineered by the same company that makes Bose sound equipment.
Price: $399; Get it: Miss Jackson’s, 1974 Utica Square; (918) 747-8671,
Perfect for the downtowner who lives and works at opposite ends of the city’s core but prefers to drive rather than walk or bike, the Kandi Coco runs on a 72-volt system and gets up to 25 miles per hour.
It features an automatic transmission, four-wheel disc brakes, independent suspension and an AM/FM stereo with a USB/MP3 port.
It runs smoothly, charges in about seven hours and has no emissions. Every car from GK4U, which is the only place in town you’ll find the Kandi, comes with a one-year %9warranty.
Plus, state?nd federal tax credits of 50 percent and $4,435, respectively, mean that you could gift this guy for only $1,940.
A pricier electric car, the Zenn, runs about $20,980, or $6,055 after state and federal%9rebates.
Price: $12,750; Get it: GKU Electric Vehicles, 2002 W. Skelly Drive; (405) 752-2113,
Nielsen’s carries an assortment of Lladro figurines, porcelain figures of various themes, such as children, women, motherhood and families; “Around the World;” ballet; weddings and marriage; religion; and “Romanticism.”
For the holidays, Lladro has produced a porcelain Nativity scene. The four-piece set includes the stable, Mary, Joseph and Jesus. Additional pieces are also for sale: shepherd boy, $385; drummer boy, $385; King Gaspar, $385; King Balthasar, $385; angel, $650; ox, $270; donkey, $270; lost lamb, $230; and camel, $385.
Price: $755 for the four-piece set; Get it: Nielsen’s Exclusive Gifts, 8138-A S. Lewis Ave.; (918) 298-9700,
Spexton’s new men’s stainless steel cuffs are fashioned after cuffs they’ve made for celebrity entertainers who’ve appeared at the BOK Center. Stars like Jamie Foxx and Paul McCartney, before performing on the BOK Center’s stage, have been gifted cuffs designed and hand-crafted just for them by Spexton’s Nate McPherson and Greg Shelton. Now, the pair is recreating the designs for everyday wearers. Every bracelet is different and features a combination of copper, gold, silver and diamond inlays. The jewelry is designed and made in Tulsa at the address below.
Price: $1,400; Get it: Spexton Designer Jewelry, 222 S. Lansing Ave.; (877) 981-6060,
Cartier’s new Ballon Bleu watch is 18-karat gold and features pave-set diamonds around the face. The designer, typically known for its square- and rectangular-faced watches is reverting back to the classic circle. For him, Rolex offers two new designs: the Deepsea Dweller, a stainless bracelet with a 44mm black dial at $9,250, and the President, an 18-karat gold watch with a 41mm day-date champagne dial at $27,650.
Price: $39,175; Get it: Bruce G. Weber, 1700 Utica Square; (918) 749-1700
Nielsen’s carries quite a few lamps designed and made by Kinzig Design, a team of two sisters. Every lamp is handmade in the U.S. from solid brass and copper elements that are finished using processes that won’t chip or discolor. The lamps are made from glass blown to Kinzig’s color and shape specifications, and the shades are sewn from embroidered silks and other elegant fabrics and topped with distinctive finials.
Price: $1,275; Get it: Nielsen’s Exclusive Gifts, 8138-A S. Lewis Ave.; (918) 298-9700,
Kwiat’s two-strand opera necklace, part of its Verdi collection, boasts 54.28 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds mounted on 18-karat white gold. The traditional diamond bracelet is platinum, with 20.48 carats, and the inside-outside hoop earrings boast 12.86 carats of diamonds on 18-karat white gold. In total, that’s 91.58 carats and $400,800. To say she’d be pleased is an understatement.
Price: $195,000, $168,500 and $37,300, respectively; Get ‘em: Bruce G. Weber, 1700 Utica Square; (918) 749-1700,
Porter Baroque Music Box features an inlay design of the early classic style. It is hand-decorated with musical instruments and flowers on the lid and insides. Every instrument contains two combs, with 76 teeth each, and 15.5-inch, copper-plated discs, which rotate on spring-wound clockworks. The music box comes with six discs, and additional discs are available at Nielsen’s. If you think your loved one might enjoy the instrument’s music but don’t want to shell out $14,500, you can purchase the “Music Box Waltzes and Popular Tunes” CD for $16.95.
Price: $14,500; Get it: Nielsen’s Exclusive Gifts, 8138-A S. Lewis Ave.; (918) 298-9700,
Spexton’s new women’s medallions are reversible and feature contemporary designs and titanium, copper, silver and diamond inlays. Spexton was recently named by Instore Magazine, a trade publication, as one of the top 10 “coolest” jewelers in the U.S. For those looking for something less pricey to give, Spexton offers equally beautiful jewelry for as low as $35.
Price: $1,500-$2,950; Get it: Spexton Designer Jewelry, 222 S. Lansing Ave.; (877)981-6060,
The Mazza?ompany originated in Italy in 1840 and has been a favorite designer of Miss Jackson’s for years. The designers, William Mazza and his three sons, create contemporary jewelry using classic techniques and materials. The seven-strand necklace pictured here features chocolate, champagne, white and Baroque pearls and would certainly look lovely resting on the collar of any woman.
Price: $1,315; Get it: Miss Jackson’s, 1974 Utica Square; (918) 747-8671,
Jay Strongwater began his career as a jewelry designer and now creates what he likes to call “jewelry for the home.” This decorative bowl, perfect for displaying richly colored holiday ornaments, is part of Stongwater’s new Lux line and features, in addition to his signature miniature crystals, larger jewels and stones. The piece is hand-set, hand-enameled and hand-painted. The gems are painstakingly applied, and the attention to detail is marvelous. Other items by Strongwater are available at Miss Jackson’s and range from $95 to $9,000. Look for a beautifully enameled pheasant for $4,200.
Price: $3,600; Get it: Miss Jackson’s, 1974 Utica Square; (918) 747-8671,

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