Siemens Celebrates 40th Anniversary in Bartlesville

A major employer in Bartlesville, founded as a manufacturing division of Phillips Petroleum in the late sixties will celebrate its 40th anniversary as a major employer and active corporate citizen of Bartlesville and as a part of a large international organization called Siemens.
Robert Paiva, Plant Manager of the Bartlesville Siemens’ operation reflected, “We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of gas chromatographs and process automation solutions, Siemens process analytics business serves customers in the oil & gas, petrochemical and cement industries. We are very excited to be hosting this celebration at our Bartlesville facility.”
The celebration will feature comments and some presentations by Oklahoma’s Secretary of Commerce and Tourism Natalie Shirley along with the presentation of a check in the amount of $53,000 from the Bartlesville Development Corporation as part of an incentive package that the local Siemens facility has earned through some recent dramatic job growth. Siemens Bartlesville facility currently employs 141.

The celebration will begin with a formal program and lunch at the Siemens Bartlesville facility on Frank Phillips Blvd. west of the city across the street from the ConocoPhillips Research Center. Following the formal program a tour of the Siemens Bartlesville facility will be available to the public.

According to Jim Fram, BDC CEO, “this is also a celebration of the dynamic growth of a home grown company. While we never wavier in our mission to recruit new jobs and capital investment, we still hold true to the fact that the first priority is to take care of the businesses you already have. This effort by our staff and our great community has paid great dividends as evidenced by today’s event.”

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