Silpada Designs Jewelry Comes to Tulsa

Yamilette Williams has started her own sterling silver jewelry business as an Independent Silpada Designs Representative.

Silpada Designs is a direct sales company, offering handcrafted .925 sterling silver jewelry and only the finest semi-precious and composite stones. As an Independent Silpada Designs Representative, Yamilette offers three services: jewelry to purchase, free products for party hostesses, and business opportunities for those wishing to start their own business.

Silpada Designs was started in 1997 by its co-founders, Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh. From a small group of saleswomen in Kansas, including Bonnie and Teresa, Silpada Designs has now grown to more than 20,000 Independent Representatives across the country. By starting her own business, Yamilette has become an active Silpada Designs Independent Representative servicing the Greater Tulsa area, State of Oklahoma and regional areas.

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