Simmons Homes Ranks High on National Lists

Simmons Homes awarded high rankings in two of the housing construction industry’s national builder lists for 2008.
Simmons broke through into the 98th spot on the “Builder 100” list, a ranking published by Builder Magazine that surveys the nation’s top producing building companies. The company improved 36 spots from the previous year.
The Owasso-based company also jumped nearly 70 positions to rank 201st in the “Building Giants 400” list, which bases its rankings on the number of houses closed in a year and earned housing revenue.
Both rankings represent a large jump by Simmons in the rankings compared to last year’s figures. Simmons closed 278 homes in 2008.
According to founder Greg Simmons, these improved rankings and the ongoing success of his company are a direct reflection of the Tulsa area’s robust and stable housing market.
“Tulsa has remained a great housing market because our home values never got out of check – we’ve experienced a steady 2 percent growth every year,” he said. “There are fewer buyers, but the ones who are out there are more serious. We take our job of putting people in homes seriously, which is why we’ve gone up on those builder lists and will continue to move up.”
Simmons believes his company’s sales are a good indicator – Simmons Homes has sold more than 155 homes so far this year and expects to sell more than 300 in 2009.
Tulsa’s housing market landed it in the No. 5 spot on Forbes’ America’s Most Livable Cities in April. In conjunction with record low mortgage rates, the $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit has helped keep the market stable along with increased home value appreciation.
“Home building has an enormous impact on the Tulsa area economy,” Simmons explained. “With around 2,000 homes selling each year that’s an impact of $400 million, along with the thousands of jobs it creates. Our company alone has well over 1,000 employees who touch our houses in some ways. If you add banks and title companies and their thousands of employees, you see there are a lot of people in the Tulsa area tied to the building industry.”

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