Simonton Windows Recalls 110 Employees

Simonton Windows seeks to hire employees at its McAlester facility to fulfill production needs.
Simonton manufacturers top-quality windows and patio doors.
Simonton did not provide exact figures.
The company recalled 110 employees at its manufacturing facilities in West Virginia and Illinois.
“We’re hopeful that the increased product demand we’re now seeing will help us return more employees back to work in the coming weeks,” says Mark Wherry, vice president of manufacturing for Simonton Windows. “In the winter months we traditionally see a seasonal drop in business. With the arrival of spring, we’re now seeing an upturn in product demand, which allows us to hire back employees. We were able to start rehiring in early March and have done so on a weekly basis as we’re steadily seeing a rise in window production.”
Simonton has hired back 80 employees at its facilities in Ritchie County, W. Va., and 30 employees at its Paris, Ill., facility. Hourly employees are hired back based on tenure with the company and their particular skill sets.

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