Sinclair Completes Land Acquisitions

Sinclair Refining Co. continues to acquire west Tulsa property as part of its announced $1 billion expansion that will increase its daily output of gasoline and diesel 60 percent, as the company recently completed the purchase of the Asphalt and Fuel Transport property at 3347 S Rosedale Ave.
The transaction, which includes 2.16 acres of raw land and a 5,000-SF building, completes the company’s acquisition of perimeter properties on the west side of the refinery.
The sale price of the property, which AFT will lease-back until the completion of their new facilities, was $640,000. Jim Stephens of Adwon Properties Inc. represented the both parties in the transaction.
Engineering and design work on the expansion began in 2005 and construction is expected to commence later this year with completion scheduled for late 2010.
Since the beginning of 2007, the Salt Lake City-based Sinclair has spent more than $11.4 million in land acquisitions, mostly in the Garden City Addition and the areas immediately surrounding the refinery.
Sinclair has owned the facility since 1983 and currently employs 260 at the site.

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