Sinclair Promotes Stations, Refinery

Sinclair Oil Corp. is touting the recent purchase and rebranding of 14 Fiesta Marts in the Tulsa market through several commercials.
Sinclair Tulsa Refining Co. is about to start its $1 billion expansion, bumping gasoline capacity 60 percent to 115,000 per day.
Until now, Sinclair has not had much of a presence in the Tulsa market, said Bud Blackmore, senior vice president of marketing for the Salt Lake City-based oil company.
“These focus on the Fiesta Mart. It is a good tie -in with the way we support community through the refinery and now the Fiesta Marts,” he said.
Sinclair has branded 120 stations from other companies throughout the eastern third of Oklahoma.
The privately held company declined to discuss how much it spent on the stations or the commercials.
The ads, which will run during the morning, afternoon and evening broadcast news cycles, will appear off and on for the next four months, said Advertising Manager Stephanie Coleman.
“They will run the Oklahoma City market as well and cover 75 percent of the state,” she said.
The commercials were produced in house and used spokesman Scott McMillan who lives in Salt Lake City.
Sinclair hired local talent for extras and to handle lighting.
They were shot March 3-8, which was a cold week, Coleman said.
“Snow was blowing in all areas and the wind chill was 19,” Coleman said. “In between shooting I had to run out and give the actors their coats.”
Coleman lives in Salt Lake City, but said that week in March was nothing like she is used to.
“I had layers on and am used to the cold, but there is nothing like that wind going through you,” she said.
Coleman admitted that in Utah it is a “dry cold.”

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