Sinclair Refining Reaches Settlement with Federal Government

Sinclair Tulsa Refining Co. agreed to pay $5.5 million in penalties after admitting it violating the Federal Clean Water Act.
Sinclair announced the settlement Wednesday with the U.S. Department of Justice regarding permit violations of the Clean Water Act at its Tulsa Refinery.
“The company regrets these violations and will be paying a monetary penalty for the federal claims that STRC altered wastewater flows during monitoring periods between 2002 and 2004,” said Lynn Hart general counsel for Sinclair in a prepared statement.
“STRC notes that the claims did not involve a safety breach or environmental spill and that measures are in place at the refinery to prevent any repeat occurrence,” Hart said in the release. “While details surrounding these matters are complex, STRC respects the government’s position and accepts responsibility for these violations. STRC places great emphasis on strictly adhering to all laws and regulations that apply to our company.”

The Tulsa Refinery was purchased by the company in 1983 after it had been closed by the previous owners. Since that time, STRC has invested $180 million on environmental projects at the Tulsa Refinery. In 2004, the Tulsa Refinery was awarded the Frank Condon Environmental Excellence Award for its work in protecting Tulsa’s air quality. The refinery employs 257 people in Oklahoma and supplies petroleum products to states throughout the Midwest.

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