Skycam Flies Into 2007

The Emmy Award winning Skycam of Tulsa Oklahoma is moving firmly into the entertainment industry in 2007, guided by Michael T. Strickland, C.E.O. of Bandit Lites. Strickland is a partner in Skycam and a 38-year veteran of the entertainment industry. Together, Strickland, Skycam general manager, Roy Patton and team, have spent the last year preparing for the move into entertainment with a hard launch beginning early 2007.

Recently, the Skycam team has made several successful ventures into the entertainment world. Perhaps the biggest test for the use of the new application was the 2006 Super Bowl at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. The patented Skycam System was onsite to cover both the game itself and the Rolling Stones halftime show. The shoot was a complete success and effectively demonstrated that Skycam is a fresh approach to filming live events.

Previously, Skycam (a division of Winnercomm) was devoted 100 percent to sporting events. As a result of the recent success in entertainment, inventory has increased and Skycam has added a new multimillion-dollar “flying facility” in Tulsa.

Skycam will make its 2007 entertainment event debut with the production of various television specials and DVD shoots. From there, Skycam plans to move into touring with mainstream artists. The Skycam team goal is to make the technology available to a wide variety of acts and events by following a similarly structured path as that taken by large format video screen technology.

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