Southcross Energy Selects SolArc Solution

Southcross Energy LLC selects SolArc’s Solution for Natural Gas as a single, integrated platform supporting gathering, plant processing and gas marketing.
Southcross will use the SolArc product to manage gathering facility nominations and accounting, plant processing allocations and to support the physical gas marketing group in position management, scheduling and accounting.
SolArc’s Solution for Natural Gas is a single, integrated platform that supports areas of the natural gas market that have traditionally been supported by multiple products interfaced together. This single-system approach allows organizations to increase productivity while requiring minimal IT support. In addition, the rapid implementation process and intuitive user interface allows customers to begin utilizing the system faster than many other solutions with far less training and consulting oversight required.
“With increasing asset sales in the energy market, many natural gas marketing companies — including plant processors and gathering pipelines—are making the investment upfront to launch businesses or newly acquired assets on technology platforms like the SolArc Solution for Natural Gas,” said Alan Gunn, managing director of SolArc’s natural gas sales. “Southcross was looking for a system that could help it better manage market volatility as well as regulatory and reporting needs across a complex portfolio of assets. The demonstrated success of SolArc technology within the energy markets, combined with Southcross’ deep market knowledge, will enable it to manage midstream processes as well as support natural gas marketing in a more powerful, easy-to-use and cost-effective way.”
Southcross is a midstream natural gas company operating in Texas and Mississippi with more than 2,100 miles of pipeline and gathering assets.

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