Spanish Company Completes Renewable Energy Project

Acciona completes its first renewable energy project in Oklahoma.
The 123 megawatt Red Hills Wind Farm, in Roger Mills and Custer counties, north of Elk City near the community of Hammon, generates enough energy to power 40,000 homes in western Oklahoma. Acciona Energy North America is selling the energy to Anadarko-based Western Farmers Electric Cooperative through a 20-year power purchase agreement, said Tom Hiester, vice president of Development for the Central Region of Acciona.
Power will be handed over to Western Farmers at a sub-station, Hiester said.
Construction of the $250 million project began nearly 14 months ago was managed by Mortenson Construction with turbine erection managed by White Construction.
The Red Hills Wind Farm creates 15 full-time local jobs. More than 200 people were employed during peak construction, Hiester said. Long-term lease agreements have been completed with 12 landowners or land trusts. Additionally, the Red Hills Wind Farm will provide increased revenues for Roger Mills and Custer counties through investments in local infrastructure, lease agreements with local landowners and property tax revenues from the project over its lifetime.
Hiester declined to disclose details on the economic impact.
Using 82 Acciona wind power 1.5 MW wind turbines from its plant in West Branch, Iowa, the Red Hills facility is spread across 5,000 rural acres near the intersection of Oklahoma 33 and 34. With the exception of the small footprint made by the 82 turbines, at about 1 acre each, land use is dominated by cattle grazing.
“It’s well known that Oklahoma has a lot of wind,” said Hiester. “Having just completed the 123 MW Red Hills Wind Farm in Roger Mills and Custer counties, Acciona has proof that Oklahoma is also a great state for wind business.”
Acciona is a multi-billion dollar global corporation, with its world headquarters in Spain. Acciona has 100 years of experience and more than 40,000 employees worldwide. Acciona is the second largest renewable energy company in the world.
Red Hills is Acciona’s first wind project in Oklahoma, but Acciona already is working two other projects — the Dempsey Ridge facility and the Wind Farm 66 — both in western Oklahoma.
“Dempsey Hills is in the real estate and environmental work,” Hiester said. The Wind Farm 66 project is undergoing meteorological instrument testing.
As of 2007, Acciona Energy is the largest developer, owner and operator of wind farms in the world, with 164 wind farms in nine countries representing over 4,500 megawatts of wind power installed or under construction. Acciona Energy is also the developer, owner and operator of Nevada Solar One, the world’s first-solar thermal plant built in more than 16 years, and the third largest facility of its kind.

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