SpiritBank Adds to Mortgage Staff

Oklahoma-owned SpiritBank finds opportunities despite mortgage turmoil in other states. Banking on the consistently positive mortgage industry in Oklahoma, SpiritBank has added some of the best mortgage bankers in the state to its team.
Scott Veitch, Matt McLean and Betty Shaw are the newest additions to SpiritBank Mortgage. Veitch, the current Oklahoma Mortgage Bankers Association President has more than 20 years experience in lending and will be joining the SpiritBank team in Tulsa.
McLean and Shaw will bring their 40 plus years combined experience to the Oklahoma City and Edmond markets for SpiritBank Mortgage. Both also hold leadership roles with the Oklahoma Mortgage Bankers Association.
The three newest members of SpiritBank Mortgage join an already experienced team of David Feisal, Clay Carden and Linda Dickerson. “The existing SpiritBank team is very excited to expand our division,” says David Feisal, Senior VP SpiritBank Mortgage. ”The team we currently have plus the new additions to the mortgage team will position SpiritBank Mortgage to continue its pace as a leading lender in Oklahoma for years to come.”
According to statistics from the Mortgage Bankers Association, Oklahoma is listed as one of only seven states to decrease foreclosure rates by more than 7 basis points in 2007.
Although the current national lending climate is rocky, the mortgage industry in Oklahoma is considered stable.
SpiritBank, along with partner American Southwest Mortgage are staged to close approximately $1.5 billion in 2007. In 2006, the state of Oklahoma closed just over $11 billion in single family residential mortgages.

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