SpiritBank Launches Redesigned Web Site

SpiritBank launched a redesigned Web site at www.spiritbank.com.

The new site will continue to focus on banking information, but will also offer a number of added features and more functionality, including:
? Easy site navigation.
? All-new search feature.
? Only three clicks to get anywhere on the site.
? Up-to-date loan rates and specials.

The new site includes more details and customer interaction. Visitors to the site can watch videos of customers who tell their unique experiences with the bank, use free financial calculators, read articles focused on personal finance and more.

“The new Web site now showcases our distinctive personality and our strong relationship with our customers,” states Kell Kelly, CEO of SpiritBank.

SpiritBank, a community bank based in Bristow, has branches statewide. The bank, founded in 1916, has assets exceeding $1 billion and more than 350 employees.

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