St. Anthony Named State Drug Testing Site

The State of Oklahoma has named OKC’s St. Anthony Toxicology Lab its state drug testing site.

St. Anthony is one of only two successful bidders for a statewide contract for drug testing across the state of Oklahoma. The St. Anthony Toxicology Lab put together a network of collection sites across the state of Oklahoma in order to get the bid. St. Anthony is also accredited and approved to do federal department of transportation employee drug testing.

This means the Department of Transportation, Office of Juvenile Affairs, Department of Corrections, and Department of Veteran Affairs, and many others will rely on St. Anthony for their drug testing needs. In 2006, these volumes totaled 3,600 tests.

Phil Small, Marketing Representative for the lab says, “This increases revenue and puts St. Anthony Toxicology and Substance Abuse Services in front of new state customers.”

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