St. John Opens Tulsa’s First Stroke Center

St. John Medical Center announced today the opening of the St. John Stroke Center, a comprehensive service offering prevention and acute treatment for stroke victims.

The St. John Stroke Center, led by co-medical directors Anna Wanahita, MD and Patrick Han, MD, evaluates and treats patients at risk for stroke or who have suffered a stroke. As a part of the program, the St. John Stroke Team developed a series of protocols that include special triage procedures to quickly identify patients with acute stroke and to expedite treatment, including a pathway to reduce time delays for medical care in the emergency department.

The St. John Stroke team not only manages stroke patients during the acute phase, but provides continuous care through multidisciplinary efforts to identify the cause and mechanism of stroke. Additionally, secondary prevention guidelines are followed to offer patients the best chance to minimize damage to the brain and recover to the fullest possible extent.

St. John has invested in the most advanced stroke therapies, which include advanced endovascular and neurosurgical techniques, as well as interventional neuroradiology procedures. Additionally, the Center’s comprehensive treatment regiment includes active participation from a multidisciplinary team incorporating neurological, medical, emergency, surgical, radiologic and rehabilitation services.

As the only comprehensive stroke center in the Tulsa area, St. John’s stroke experts will work closely with other community hospitals to coordinate care for patients being transferred to St. John. Additionally, Dr. Wanahita serves on the Oklahoma State Stroke Systems Advisory Committee, a taskforce developed to ensure that the most current information on stroke education, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation is available to healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, and the public in Oklahoma.

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