State Encourages Over 23,600 Real Estate Licensees to Renew Online and Avoid the Paper Process

Renewing professional real estate licenses is often viewed as a cumbersome paper process to be managed.
Real estate licensees now have an easy way to renew their professional licenses, thanks to an online renewal service offered by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission. In its second year of service, the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission expects online usage to rise as licensees see the benefits of renewing securely via the state’s Web site. Licensees can log in 24/7 and complete the renewal in about 5 minutes.
Oklahoma real estate licensees handle important paper-based transactions each day with buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords. The online renewal service provides more than 23,600 individuals with convenience available through the state’s official Web site at
“In this information age, we are pleased to be able to provide business-friendly technology to our real estate licensees,” said Anne Woody, executive director of the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission. “Eliminating paper and reducing the time it takes to renew a license just makes sense for our customers and state government as a whole.”

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