State Gasoline Price Average Jumps Past $2

For the first time in six months, Oklahoma’s average for self-serve regular gasoline tops $2 per gallon, according to AAA Oklahoma.
The auto club says the state’s average hasn’t been this high since it stood at $2.008 on Nov. 8, 2008.
Today’s AAA Fuel Gauge Report ( shows the Oklahoma gas price average at $2.024, an increase of 24 cents since mid-March but still $1.47 below the statewide average posted one year ago. The national average now stands at $2.169.
“It’s difficult to pinpoint a single factor forcing these increases at the pump,” said Chuck Mai, spokesman for AAA Oklahoma. “Domestic demand is weak and supplies of crude oil are healthy. However, there seems to be a general feeling that the nation’s economy is beginning to rebound, following China’s lead. Crude prices are the highest they’ve been in six months and our summer driving season is just weeks away.”
Oklahoma’s retail price average for gasoline is the third lowest in the U.S. today, behind Arizona at $1.942 and South Carolina at $2.010. Among the 48 contiguous states, Washington’s average is the highest at $2.419, followed by California at $2.403 and Illinois at $2.333.

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