State Leaders Reach Health Care Agreement

Gov. Brad Henry and legislative leaders reach a tentative agreement with Tulsa stakeholders on a plan to preserve the Oklahoma State University medical program and save the OSU Medical Center in Tulsa.
The governor, House Speaker Chris Benge, Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn Coffee, and Treasurer Scott Meacham met with various stakeholders at the State Capitol this afternoon to hammer out an agreement on the issue. The parties all made a commitment to implement the proposal subject to the approval of their governing entities.
“Essentially, this proposal will save the OSU medical program, keep the doors of the OSU Medical Center open and address both the short- and long-term health care challenges in the Tulsa area,” said Henry. “I want to thank Speaker Benge, Senate Pro Tem Coffee, Treasurer Meacham, OSU President Burns Hargis, Ken Levit with the Kaiser Family Foundation and all of the other stakeholders for their hard work and their commitment to this agreement.”
“All along we have had two objectives when dealing with this critical situation: to stabilize the OSU residency program and to ensure the indigent patients in Tulsa have a place to go for care,” said Benge, R-Tulsa. “Both of those issues are addressed with this agreement.”
“Protecting medical education and ensuring the availability of indigent health care in Tulsa and northeastern Oklahoma are high priorities for our state’s leaders,” said Coffee, R-Oklahoma City. “This is a positive step for the Tulsa area that is beneficial for rural and central Oklahoma, as well.”
Henry, legislative leaders and the other parties to the agreement will not be able to discuss details of the plan until all of the stakeholders have received final approval from their governing boards.

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