State Looks to Streamline Permits, Licensing

Streamlining the thousands of licenses and permits issued by various state agencies is critical to modernizing state government, House members were told at an interim study.
Various agencies testify about efforts they take to make permits and licenses more convenient to obtain, especially by making them available online.
Health Department maintains licenses for 108,000 individuals and more than 35,000 businesses in Oklahoma, many of which have multiple certification requirements.
An official with the Insurance Department said the agency was able to reduce or reallocate its workforce in the division responsible for licensing by 35 percent following implementation of online licensing in 2007. The transition not only saved the department money, but improved customer service and accessibility.
An official with Oklahoma Interactive, which operates the state’s web site, told members at the study that nearly 60,000 Oklahoma professionals have applied for or renewed their licenses online so far this year, a 26-percent increase over 2008. About 56 Oklahoma state agencies have licensing services, 23 of which offer over 120 professional licenses online through
The Oklahoma Medical Licensure Board has seen a savings of more than $20,000 during 2008 and 87 percent of Oklahomans seeking a license through the agency have applied online.

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