Status Report: Downtown Baseball

According to a recent release from the City of Tulsa, Mayor Kathy Taylor has proposed the implementation of a Tulsa Stadium Improvement District to replace the soon to expire Downtown Improvement District to help pay for the construction of a new Driller Stadium.
The updated improvement district, which would asses downtown property owners 6.5 cents per SF, would exempt all federal facilities and churches and would expire June 30, 2009.
In an update recently given to the Tulsa City Council, Taylor stated that private donations will pay for at least 50 percent of the new stadium construction cost, estimated between $55-60 million.
Mayor Taylor intends to send a letter to all downtown property owners, notifying them of the proposal.
“The facility would be designed to complement the Jazz Hall of Fame at Union Depot, our new BOk Center and other exciting developments and districts in the downtown area, providing additional attractions, energy, and value to all property, tenants, and visitors to downtown. With the Drillers Stadium and the BOK Center open downtown, it is estimated we will have over one million new visits to downtown” she said.
“We are appreciative of the support from the downtown business community to help make a downtown ballpark a reality,” Tulsa Drillers’ owner Chuck Lamson said.
Taylor stated the program was being backed by several downtown property owners, including Williams Companies, ONEOK, Bank of Oklahoma, PSO, the Tulsa World, and the Kaiser Family Foundation.
The City of Tulsa and the Tulsa Drillers have until July 15th to come to terms. No location for the proposed ballpark has been identified.

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