Stimulus Cash Going to Roads

Gov. Brad Henry said Oklahoma motorists will soon see federal stimulus dollars at work improving roads and bridges across the state. The Oklahoma Transportation Commission will begin awarding contracts on almost $250 million in stimulus transportation projects.
The governor and transportation officials held a State Capitol news conference Friday afternoon to provide an overview of the projects in the first round of Oklahoma stimulus improvements.
“The federal stimulus funds will help make immediate improvements to Oklahoma’s highway system and boost job creation and economic activity in the process,” said Gov. Henry. “The big winners are Oklahoma motorists and the state economy.”
The $250 million in federal stimulus dollars will fund some 40 highway improvement projects across the state, including interstate repairs, major bridge rehabilitations and safety initiatives such as cable barriers.
The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has placed the stimulus projects on an accelerated construction schedule to take advantage of the spring and summer months when weather-related delays are fewer.
These projects were already a part of ODOT’s eight-year construction plan. By financing them with stimulus dollars, ODOT will be able to direct other transportation funds to expedite the completion of additional 8-year plan projects.
“The stimulus funds are providing a significant boost to our efforts to update and improve the statewide transportation network. All planned projects, even those that will not directly receive stimulus dollars, will benefit from this effort,” said the governor.

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